I guess it was destined to be. That's me in 1965 working on one of my early master pieces. I guess I've always been drawn to art. In high school I discovered photography and my creativity took a new direction. I attended Sam Houston State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science of Photography in 1983. I won several state level awards. I pursued photography for several years when I was exposed to the Apple Macintosh. The writing was on the wall and my creativity changed course again and I became a computer graphic designer. In 2000 I took my daughter to a family day at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) where we did watercolor paintings. I had always been drawn to the look of watercolor. I think I find watercolor so appealing because of it's similarity to color photographs. The paper becomes the source of all whites and layers of transparent dye build the colors. I attended several semesters at the MFAH's Glassell School of Art. I felt the need to head in my own directions and not feel like I had to just do the next class assignment. At about the same time I discovered a great online artist community Wetcanvas, it has been instrumental in the continuing development of my skills. I guess my creativity has come full circle from that 1965 photo. Each step has built on the previous and hopefully which each new work I do, I carry what I've learned forward as I head down this new part of the journey. My latest artistic direction has once again taken me in a new bizzar direction and you can see that work at

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